Friday, January 21, 2011


The magknitficent seven

Just discovered this crazy crew of knit street artists. Why I love them:

1) They are female. Represent.

2) They are original. Knit street art? Hell yess. This epitomizes what I love about street art: it's constantly pushing the box; growing and expanding in terms of medium and ideas. When you can make a hobby like knitting bad-ass and fun, you've done well.

3) Their work is light-hearted, fun, and taps into the inner child in all of us in a twisted way; reminding us that the world is our playground. When someone passes by one of these knits, it cultivates their imagination which is so necessary in a world where we're bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day whether we like it or not.

Please check out their work:

"Nutcracker Knitmare Before Christmas"

"the Phonebox Cosy"

"Plunder of Pirates"

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