Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Love my Dub: Skrillex

Saw the Skrillex show on Thursday night @ the Pit Pub on the UBC campus. I'm the type of person that can appreciate a large range of musical genres but dub step is definitely up there among my favorites. He played a variety of stuff but dub, I love. It takes over your body and taps into your inner most primal instinct to release the fiera within all of us. Unfortunately the 'bouncers' a.k.a. meat head varsity jocks were being douches as usual, shoving fans around, pulling back Sonny after he dove into the crowd, and snatching away his cig. Yeah I know you aren't allowed to smoke indoors in Vancouver, legislation that was kind enough to be passed just before I moved here, but yo, it's Skrillex and it's the Pit: WHO GIVES A FUX. Majority of the people were on shit much worse than cigs but hey, it's no secret that society has their priorities fucked up. Anyway sick show, good music, talented kid: Skrillex ftw.

Not the best quality but it will do.

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