Friday, February 4, 2011

Coffin Construction

A few years back I built a coffin. It was the first time I worked with power tools or did anything carpentry-related so there was a lot of blood and sweat put into this project. Additionally I installed broken mirror pieces in the inside of the coffin and the idea was that the audience would enter the coffin and be closed inside it with a flashlight, forced to face our inherit fear of death. It's definitely structurally weak as a coffin but I guess the art of it is in the interactive experience of laying inside. Here are some pictures of the process and final product:

No idea what I'm doing at this point.

Getting a feel for it.

My buddy testing it out.

Final product.

Travel Book: Cuba

I recently did a post on Dan Eldon, he inspired me to make my own travel book and in 2010 I did it. These are some pages from my book from when I went to Cuba. Not as dynamic and profound as Eldon's stuff, probably more like a super girly photo album or scrap book on sequin steroids:

One of my favorite clubs in the world: Havana Club. No gimmicks, just straight up raw fun with dirty-sexy locals and uninhibited tourists, dance floor exuding sexual confidence, and music that makes you perspire Cuba. 

Day tour of Havana ending with a show in the legendary 'Tropicana Club' (circa 1939) where legit mobster wives used to watch extravagant performances while their hustler hubbies were being gangsters at the casino next door back in the 1940s. Other greats who've attended include Marlon Brando and Ernest Hemingway.

Tall black Cuban guy on the right holds the record for rolling the longest cigar in the world. Tried some Cuban cigars, concluded it's an acquired taste.

Will try and post some of my Nepal pages from this summer soon.

'DJ' Pauly D

So for those of you who follow me on twitter you might remember that I was at the 'DJ' Pauly D show at Gossip last Wednesday. As expected the music was not what you can usually get for $35 in Vancouver but my interest was the experience itself and not the music this time.

One thing that was unexpected was the crowd. Girls were in their hottest outfits and as each of them shamelessly puckered up in front of the bathroom mirrors, you could see it in their eyes: the secret (or not so secret) desire to get Pauly's attention and be the chosen lady who gets to do him. But let me tell you the sexual drive is a powerful drug and those girls were primal, survival of the fittest was definitely the theme of the crowd. 

I was at Bloody Beetroots last November and Skrillex in January and even compared to those young kids full of energy, high on fuck knows what, these guidette wannabes were fucking tough to keep up with. Granted I'm 5'1" and was in a sea of heeled girls in all shapes and sizes but I'd like to think I'm pretty good at holding my ground in a raging crowd. 

One girl tried to climb up the bars to the booth and the bouncer had to literally punch her down cuz she was not giving up. Was outside having a cig and one big blondie had to be tamed by four huge bouncers, which took them long enough for me to finish a cig, which if you smoke you know that's a pretty decent length of time. I'm not gonna exaggerate though, there were some surprisingly nice girls and other chicks going just for kicks. 

Anyway can't say much about Pauly D. As a DJ he was definitely not doing it for me but I just watched the latest episode of Jersey shore tonight and I realized he's got some game so I guess I can see where the crazy fans come from. Didn't get any decent pics so I stole some off where I bought the tix for the show.

Annnddd these are the shots I got...

Yes, 90% of my pictures are of people taking pictures. Hopefully the videos are more helpful:

Dada Life next Friday! Stay tune for a post on that :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Throwback Tune: 'Feathers' by Nujabes

Nujabes aka Jun Seba was a Japanese hip-hop producer, tremendously talented. He passed away a little over a year ago in a traffic accident at the young age of 36 but his impact and music will be loved forever. Rest in peace big guy.

My favorite Nujabes song, Feathers:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Minute of Fame UBC 163

So this is my filipino homeboy and he's mad talented. Please 'like' his video on youtube and if you're not impressed, check out the other contestants and tell me he doesn't deserve the win. Thanks and salamat peeps!
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